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Shenzhen Dajtech Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Dajtech Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Dajtech) is a technology-based enterprise that develops, produces, and sells embedded computers based on the ARM architecture. Its products include computer modules (core boards), single-board computers, and industrial control complete machines. Provide customized services for ODM / OEM customers, dedicated to providing terminal equipment manufacturers with convenient and efficient ARM computer products, and provide continuous and stable technical support to facilitate the smooth realization of the partners'' projects.

The business philosophy of Dajtech is adhering to "demand-driven, innovative voyage, and win-win cooperation". 85% of the engineering staff of the company''s technical team have more than 5 years of embedded computer design experience. They serve end users and are familiar with user needs. , Proficient in every detail of the design, we firmly believe that professional products and services, mutual trust and cooperation can ultimately achieve our common goal. Passion and energy give us endless power, with energy as the core of the work flow-our team is energetic, dedicated and innovative, able to provide customers with quality products, solutions and services to ensure that your equipment is stable, safe and efficient To run.